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Anti-Vibration Mounts each

Anti-Vibration Mounts each

  • $9.95

Anti-vibration mounts are a product which allows the cushioning of vibration in various areas such as cars, mechanical aides etc.

The selection we have in stock comes in various sizes and are male/male ends with already pre-bolted steel screws.

The M in stands for millimetres and identifies the size of the screw. For example M6 refer to 6mm diametre screw, M8 is 8mm and M10 is 10mm.  The number which follows after 'x' in the left hand hand column specifies the length of the screw in millimetres. Knowing these sizes will help you choose the right vibration mount for your car or machinery such as tractors, ride on mowers etc. 

Below is an approximate size guide of our various stock options.

M6 x 25mm 26 x 21mm - 26mm Diameter
M8 x 32mm 40 x 31mm - 40mm Diameter
M8 x 32m Curved 30 x 25mm - 30mm Diameter
M8 x 32mm Bump 40 x 33mm - 40mm Diameter
M10 x 32mm 51 x 46mm  - 51mm Diameter
M10 x 32 Curved 56 x 36mm - 56mm Diameter


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